March 2013:-Experiences from the Field -Jobs Knowledge award competition was hosted by the World Bank and her partners.

Jobs Knowledge award competition

Project Description:

This project was voted as the winner of the Experiences From the Field’s “Most Recommended (Most Popular) Project” category by receiving the most votes from online audiences. Our main objective is to empower the low income earners economically. We suggest that one of the best ways out of the growing problem of wealth disparity and poverty is by teaching those with very little how to build their own income streams, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and essentially become masters of their own destiny. One Hen Campaign Project is a platform where youths and women in rural Kenya are empowered through a micro-loan in form of one indigenous hen and a cage and after 6 months one surrenders 2 pullets for onward lending and sustainability of the project. The One hen and cage acts as a platform for us to train the youths and women on poultry management, entrepreneurship, agribusiness, financial management, adaptation to climate change, value chain and addition and other cross-cutting issues. Our approach is by mobilizing youths and women in every village come together, form and register youth and women groups with the ministry of Social and Gender development. As we keep on training them we assist them conduct asset mapping, needs assessment, come up with an action plan and finally assist them come up with a resource mobilization strategy.

Why this project is a Good Practice example:
It has inculcated the spirit of self reliance among our target groups i.e from one hen for the most careless farmer one gets 100 hens in a year. They have graduated to goats, cows and other businesses.

When we give hens to youths in a given village we help them come up with a Village Agrovet where they buy and sell chicken feeds, drugs and other items to the group members and villagers at a large. With availability of funds we are also exploring means and ways of assisting the groups start making their own livestock feeds at the village level. This also creates employment.

One Hen Campaign Project beneficiaries have come up with a savings and credit cooperative society called Sky Sacco Ltd where the youths and women will be doing minimum a micro-saving of an egg per week and after regularly saving for 3 months one is able to access a microloan equivalent to 3 times of his or her savings, to expand his poultry business, kitchen garden or invest in other income generating activities. This in turn also creates employment.

We make cages at village level where all what is needed we acquire it within the territory of our village groups.i.e. labor, timber, wire-mesh, labor and nails.

Impact Evaluation:
Sampling of beneficiaries and interviewing them on the positive and negative aspects of the project and noting their suggestions on how best it could have been done. This is ongoing and so far we have a hundreds of success stories once it is complete One Hen will be a case study world over.

Lessons Learned:
Organizing the target members into groups and getting them registered by the ministry of Social and Gender Development.

Assisting them conduct asset mapping, needs assessment, develop action plan and coming up with resource mobilization strategy enables youths in this groups identify gaps in their villages which are opportunities they can invest in.

Giving the one hen and a cage is symbolic and makes them pay attention to the trainings we offer because on each topic we relate it to the hen they already have.

Letting the beneficiaries own the project i.e. for our case we have devolutionalised cage making i.e.labour and all materials necessary are acquired within the village of our groups, letting them contribute part of the money for making cages creates ownership and a repayment of 2 pullets after 6 months increases the degree of being caring for the hen. Setting the average price of a hen and giving them money towards the day of the official presentation of hens and cages to look for a hen one desires reduces complains and levelling of expectations from the members. We will come in for vaccination and extension services in collaboration with ministry of livestock development.

Source: Jobs Knowledge