One Hen Campaign Project to schools- Nurturing Next Generation of Agriprenuers

The 2009 census shows that out of a population of approximately 38 million people, youth (15-35 years) and children (0-14 years) together represent 78% of the Kenyan population. But majority of young people have not embraced agriculture that is considered the backbone of our economy whereby the average age of a Kenyan farmer is 60 years old.

It’s with this background we launched One Hen Campaign Project to schools to mentor and train children to embrace agriculture at an early age. We give each pupil in standard six one hen in a coop which they rear as a co-curricular activity upon multiplication at the end of the year they are required to return 2 hens one time so as those following them can also benefit. This program will not only provide a source of income and nutrition for participants’ families, the students and pupils learn basic entrepreneurial skills, applied math, financial management skills, personal initiative, value of saving and a sense of social responsibility as they become the sponsors of subsequent years of the program.

So far we have given out 5,000 hens and coops to pupils in Kisii and Nyamira counties through the support of the Kisii County Government and Young African leaders’ initiative (YALI) small grants programme. International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) has supported us by sponsoring an American Professional to help us develop and produce One Hen Campaign training manual. In 2013 our programme was recognized by the Rockefeller Foundation among top 100 next century innovations.